April 2021


Heavy-Duty Auto Handle

Automation has finally caught up with handle insertion. Our new Auto Handle suits both traditional and automated production lines. This heavy-duty handle carries up to 60 lbs.* without a backing plate and allows quick manual insertion. When installed by a collaborative robot, it brings many benefits to our client.

* Carrying capacity based on using two layers of triple-wall corrugated board
  • Lower labor while increasing throughput
  • Help address labor shortages
  • Improve accuracy and QC
  • Prevent the risk of repetitive motion injury
  • Contribute to workplace safety by reducing touchpoints in production
When you consider adding an Allen Field handle to your package, you are getting more than just a handle. You are getting a well-designed sustainable solution that streamlines your packaging process.

Hand Hole Support with Folding Paddle

The PP920 is a handhole reinforcer and a connecting clip for corrugated boxes. It joins box walls up to .60″ thick and is easily applied from the outside of a box, providing secure and comfortable carrying to the box. Its unique foldable paddle protects the box contents while reducing the material consumption, making PP920 the most environmentally friendly item in the hand hole clip series. 


At Allen Field, we utilize the latest CAD modeling and 3D printing technologies to create rapid prototypes in a virtual environment, with fewer engineering defects and lower resource costs. With over 30 years of experience in custom design and manufacturing, we deliver proficiency and efficiency along with the turn-key solutions that optimize your value.


The 304 Post Handle & Hardware

Enhance the carrying experience of your musical instrument case or industrial equipment with the 304 Post Handle! Available in a wide variety of color options, this handle pairs with many of our post-style brackets to suit your needs. Check the product page to see more pictures and details.

Shipping Delays

Shipping companies continue to be under unprecedented pressure due to truck and driver shortages. Therefore, your order may take longer than usual to deliver. We recommend that you place orders early to make sure they will arrive on time. Rest assured, the entire Allen Field team is working hard to fulfill orders as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!

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