August 2019


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6″ Snap Hanger


5″ Snap Hanger


Kids Multi-Pair Sock Hanger

Buy now to save on Allen Field’s plastic hangers! A variety of Specialty Hangers feature an easy-snap lock, enabling swift and neat assembly of your product with reliable security. Another must-have, the Multi-Pair Sock Hanger, can accommodate up to 8 pairs of socks and features two holes for the tagging fasteners to run through. Do not miss the biggest summer sale at Allen Field! Whether you need to hang towels, table runners, children’s socks, or other textile products, buy now to save up to 25%!



Hand Hole Reinforcement Systems – to Carry or to Connect

Allen Field’s Hand Hole Handles protect the carrier’s hand from contact with the cardboard edge while also preventing the cut-out from tearing. These handles provide excellent reinforcement to hand holes and can be applied to a wide range of folding cartons, corrugated boxes, and plastic corrugated containers. In additional to our carrying handles, Allen Field also offers a wide array of Protective Hand Hole Clips that secure packages with an increased level of protection. Featuring the interlock design, our hand hole clips connect corrugated walls or lids to trays while protecting the box contents from dust, debris, and moisture. At Allen Field, we believe the right packaging stands behind the success of every product. Let us help you find which handle or clip works best for your product and bring your packaging to the next level!



New Material – Strap Lock Handle

Poly strapping is a common packaging accessory but uncomfortable and difficult to carry from. Allen Field’s Strap Lock Handle locks onto a position along the strap and adds comfort while carrying without slippage. We are excited to announce that this product is now made with new material which increases its carrying capacity to 80 lbs! The New Strap Lock Handle, E919.1, accommodates strapping up to ½” thick and works equally as well with string. If you would like to be notified when this new handle is available, simply fill out a request form with the button below.


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231 Handle & Hardware

Featuring a leather-like appearance with simulated stitching and comfortable finger grips, the 231 Handle is made to enhance the look and carrying experience of your product. The handle pairs with easy-to-mount hardware and is available in a variety of finishes and assembly options for simple and quick attachment. To learn more about Allen Field’s portable case and electronic equipment handles and hardware, call today at 800.535.0810


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