December 2020


Allen Field’s Side Mount Strap Handle provides carrying comfort and reliable sealing to the thermal packaging for the COVID-19 vaccine. We are honored to be a trusted supplier of our partner Cold Chain Technologies and serve our community in this way during the pandemic.
PP906 Handle with Flange Corner
Plastic hand hole handles protect the carrier’s hands from the sharp edges of a carton box while also supporting the cutouts on the box. Our PP906 has always been a great choice for single-wall corrugated containers up to .32″ board thickness. Now updated with a flange corner on the inside half, the PP906 is easier than ever to remove and reuse, minimizing damage to the package from holding.
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All-Plastic Rotary Hook with Label Holder
Utilize Allen Field’s retail display aids to shorten assembly time and keep your displays organized. Our newest 4” Rotary Hook features an easy locking mechanism and a 3.7″ usable length. With an additional label holder, it secures products to a corrugated display tray while creating eye-catching space in front of merchandise to show off brand name and important product information. Check out
video to learn more about this series.
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Post Handle & Hardware
Strong and comfortable as can be, you really can’t go wrong with the 350-7415 handle. Featured a bulky grip area and paired with our most popular brackets, this combination is idea for delivering a “handmade” style to any product. To learn more about this handle, call us @ 800-535-0810.
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