February 2021

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An Idea to WOW Your Customers

A packaging “WOW” moment, big or small, can lead to brand loyalty and repeat business! An effective design strategy can set your package apart from the competition. This gift pack does just that by adding a comfortable convenient Allen Field carrying handle to a well designed box. Connect with one of our packaging professionals to learn how we can make your packaging user-friendly, add value, and increase sales. Call today at 800.535.0810.


How Much Weight It Needs to Carry?

One size does not fit all. Allen Field’s carrying solutions are offered in a large array of styles and strengths so you can rest assured that your product is securely carried, supported, or hang during transportation. Check out this helpful guide to discover the best solution for your package based on the carrying capacity requirement. Never overlook the die cut specs and be sure to ask about customizing your carrying solution before you place your order! 

5 Tips for Avoiding Freight Damage

Freight damage can slow down delivery, damage the products inside, and worst of all, cause injury to the people lifting the packages. To avoid it, always keep in mind:

  1. Use properly designed packaging
  2. Label your package simply and clearly
  3. Use secure stacking methods
  4. Make sure your box is adequately sealed
  5. Choose reliable carriers


The 5050 Series

Mounting Hardware for Case Handles

Our 5050 series can pair with a variety of flat handles, offering stylish mounting choices for many applications. Each set includes a three-hole bracket and a standard cover that locks into the bracket to conceal the fasteners. The bracket is customizable with various hole configurations as well as optional positioning prongs for added strength. To learn more, call us at 800.535.0810.

Shipping Delays

Due to the ongoing restrictions of COVID-19, shipping companies have indicated that they are under unprecedented pressure during these months. Therefore, your order may take longer than usual to deliver. We recommend that you place orders early to make sure they will arrive on time. Rest assured, we are working hard to fulfill orders as soon as possible, while keeping our facility and community safe. Thanks for your patience!

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