January 2021

Reperio to Deliver Medical Testing Kits in Customer-centric Packaging

Our customer, Reperio Health, takes the packaging design to the next level by adding a carry handle to their health assessment kit, creating a memorable and user-friendly unboxing experience for their customer.
Here at Allen Field, we help ensure your product arrives to your customer in pristine condition and is easy to unbox. Well-crafted and thought-out packaging can communicate the product value and secure market positioning. Be sure not to overlook:
  • Ease of transport
  • Simple unboxing
  • Customer interaction with packaging
  • Potential for reuse and storage


603 Series Available in Custom Design  

Elevate your customer experience with Allen Field’s box connecting clips! Our 603 clip has an extended paddle that eliminates any gap between two corrugated panels before the clip is fastened. This ensures that the pivoting paddle will not end up between panels while pulling them tight. In addition to a regular model, the clip is now available in an oval shape and a cool gray color, making it more suitable for contemporary packaging designs! Watch this video to see how the system works.

  • Secures double-wall corrugated boards up to .65″ thick
  • Requires the same simple cut-out on the board
  • Provides repeated access to the product inside the packaging for rework or inspection
  • Facilitates easy repackaging for return


We carry the largest selection of plastic fastening clips for corrugated boxes in the packaging industry. You will find our clips accommodating a broad range of box types and flute sizes to comply with your specifications. Here is a quick guide that helps you find the right clip for your packaging material. Call 800-535-0810 to speak with a specialist before ordering.

Post Handle & Hardware

Need a special sparkle for adding some flair to your case design? No problem! Our 401 Post Handle is carefully crafted with a silver top layer that offers a bold look and high sheen with elegant leather-like texture. Choose this handle to integrate a sophisticated finish with the ultimate carrying strength! For more information, email


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