January 2022


Heavy-Duty Handles & Washer Plates


Allen Field’s heavy-duty series have set the bar for box carrying handles for over 70 years. Our 6.5″ HD Handle is known for its flat profile and reliable carrying capacity. It brings simplicity to your packaging design while securely holding 50 lbs. of weight. Customers who buy this handle often complete their orders by adding the 35750 Washer Plate. The washer plate offers additional support to the package from the inside of the box and secure the specified weight held by the user.

The World’s Largest Selection of Box Connecting Clips


From single-wall to triple-wall board thicknesses, rotary to interlock mechanism, protective handhole to dust-free sealing, our box connecting clips serve a broad range of functions to help make your shipping and packing more streamlined.  

Allen Field carries the world’s large selection of box connecting clips in the packaging industry. Our products make access and removal of box contents faster and easier and so far have helped global clients  save millions of dollars. Key features include:

  • Secure boxes of all flute sizes
  • Keep packaging intact during transportation
  • Gain unlimited access to the box contents
  • Reduce product return due to packaging damage
  • Eliminate the need for tapping, strapping, and box cutters
  • Streamline packaging process thought out the supply chain 

Mar 16-18, 2022


Connect with our packaging experts at the EXPO EMPAQUE NORTE and strengthen your business relations in the norther Mexico areas! Visit Allen Field at booth #416.

Carry with Comfort & Strength


Featuring strategically layered materials, the 610R Case Handle is built to offer a durable and polished carrying solution. This handle can pair with a variety of swivel case hardware, such as the 7406 Bracket and 9927 Connecting Loop, which are also available in your choice of color and finish. Use this handle and hardware combination to match or contrast your product and finish it with a true luxury look.
Shipping Delays
Shipping companies continue to be under unprecedented pressure due to truck and driver shortages. Therefore, your order may take longer than usual to deliver, We recommend that you place orders early to make sure they will arrive on time. Rest assured, the entire Allen Field team is working hard to fulfill orders as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!
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