June 2022



When creating a perfect carrying solution, we evaluate every aspect of the packaging project to ensure that the product inside is put in and carried out with ease and confidence. Here are six value-added features that you receive with Allen Field handles:

1. Reliable. We use the highest quality and responsibly source materials only. Our plastic handles carry a wide array of heavy packages without breaking.

2. Comfortable. Designed with ergonomics in mind, our handles help carry your product properly and safely.

3. Customizable. From color matching to logo imprinting, our team does it all. The handle not only carries your product, it also carries your brand image that impresses your consumers every time.

4. Biodegradable. Our handles are more environmentally friendly compare to ordinary plastic handles.

5. Sustainable. Our cost-effective components offer huge cost and time savings throughout your supply chain, providing long-term return on your investment. 

6. Carrier Friendly. We provide handles that comply with UPS and FedEx conveyor systems.

Our simple brilliant solutions have helped package designers world-wide bring packaging design to the next level. To get your project started, contact us today.


Washer & Support Plates Guide

Washer plates are an essential component of packaging design. While the washer does not increase the handle’s carrying capacity, it does prevent packaging tearing by reinforcing the slots from the inside of the box, ensuring the package is carried securely. This GUIDE provides information that helps you find the right washer plate for your handle. Be sure to consult with our packaging specialist before ordering. 

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