March 2021


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Swivel Easy Lock II

The wait is over! Introducing, Swivel Easy Lock II, the second generation of our swivel handle series. Engineered with a novel locking mechanism, the Easy Lock II creates an ultramodern look for contemporary case designs while offering comfortable carrying for products up to 45 lbs.! For secure and swift assembly, you can mount the handle with included tabs or purchase our support bar. First impressions are long-lasting. Use this unique handle to win your customer’s head and heart!¬†


There’s An Easy Way to Support Your Packaging

Support plates are an essential component of packaging design. While the support plate does not increase the handle’s carrying capacity, it does prevent package tearing by reinforcing the slots from the inside of the box, which further ensures the package is transported safely. Our guide helps you find the right support plate for your handle! Be sure to consult with a packaging specialist before placing your order.

What Factors Contribute to High Packaging Costs?

Materials costs are not the only contributing factor to packaging expenses. In fact, several others could also play a key role:

  • Failing to optimize packaging
  • Complex, time-consuming assembly process
  • Poorly designed packaging that allows damage
  • High return rates due to packaging damage
  • Inefficient packing operation
  • Work-related injury during transportation¬†

At Allen Field, we help lower your costs from every aspect of the packing and shipping process with inexpensive solutions that are sustainable and customizable. Need input from a packaging expert? Connect with us by calling 800.535.0810.


The 350 Post Handle & Hardware

Our 350 Handle is a classic choice for carrying luxury luggage, industrial cases, or electronic equipment. It features a bulky grip area with raised stitching. When paired with the 7415 Bracket, the handle delivers strength and comfort along with that hand-made look to your product. Click below to learn more about this handle and buying options.

Shipping Delays

Due to the ongoing restrictions of COVID-19, shipping companies have indicated that they are under unprecedented pressure during these months. Therefore, your order may take longer than usual to deliver. We recommend that you place orders early to make sure they will arrive on time. Rest assured, we are working hard to fulfill orders as soon as possible, while keeping our facility and community safe. Thanks for your patience!

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