May 2020

Side Mount Dust Proof Handhole Handle
As all of us work together to combat the COVID-19 virus, Allen Field is providing products to businesses that have been deemed “essential” or “life sustaining”. We are fully operational to help these industries ensure continuity of functions that are important to the public health and wellbeing. One of our Side Mount Handles is used by a nation-wide humanitarian organization to transport critical medical supplies. This handle seals the box to create a dust-free environment to the box contents while providing an easy grasp for the carrier. To learn more about this product, click here.

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Our Carrying Solution Aligns with Your Branding Message
It’s more important than ever that your products stand out among the rest. When promoting your brand via packaging innovation, you can’t overlook the carrying handles! At Allen Field, custom handles can be just as economical as buying one of our stock products. Customize the all-time customer favorites – 6.5” Heavy Duty Handle, 6.5” CB Handle, and 7” Heavy Duty Handle with your company’s logo or color scheme. Ready to take your packaging to the next level? Call 800.535.0810 now.
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Post Handles & Hardware
350-7415 combines a bulky 350 grip and a post style bracket, 7415. Whether you need to carry luxury luggage, musical instrument cases, or other industrial cases, this handle delivers both strength and comfort while creating a handmade look for your product.
375-2100 features a curved underside to fit the carrier’s hand. The two T-shape cleats make assembly easy and stable by allowing screw applications. Click here for more details.
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