October 2022



at PACK EXPO 2022

This week, we were at Pack Expo International in Chicago to connect with other packaging professionals, showcase our latest products, and share thoughts on how we can help add value to packaging. It was a pleasure presenting our simply brilliant solutions that can:


Enhance the look and performance of packaging; Protect the integrity of packaging; Provide better mobility in handling; Improve safety and efficiency during assembly; Reduce work related lifting injuries; and more!


For those who were not able to join us this year, we hope to see you next time! And for now, you may reach us through various channels; and we will gladly speak with you about how we can help overcome your packaging challenges.

Shout out to all students who participated in the Amazing Packaging Race on the last day of the expo! Each team did a simply brilliant job in solving a packaging problem utilizing Allen Field’s packaging components. We are counting on you for more creativity and innovation for better packaging designs in the future! Connect with us on social media and be part of the knowledge-sharing community!


PP910 Handhole Clip

Corrugated boards around handholes get ripped and torn due to constant force from lifting and pulling. Allen Field Handhole Clips eliminate this problem by reinforcing the corrugated boards and protecting its integrity. PP910, the newest addition to this line, also fastens two corrugated panels together while providing handholes that are more comfortable for your hands and help carry your box with ease. Connect with an Allen Field Pro to explore the opportunity to improve your assembly process!


Washer discs and support plates are important components in packaging design that work in unison with plastic handles. Although it cannot increase a handle’s carrying capacity, it helps prevent prime packaging failure by reinforcing the cutouts on the package from the inside of the box. This Washer Discs & Support Plates Guide provides information to help you find the perfect match for your handle. 




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