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Dic 2018

Pinza giratoria económica para cajas de cartón ondulado

El Economy Rotary Clip se instala a través de un troquel específico y simplemente gira para bloquearse en su lugar, proporcionando un sistema fácil para abrir y cerrar una caja de cartón ondulado. Este clip cuenta con una pata interna extendida, junto con dos lengüetas de bloqueo, que trabajan juntas para eliminar cualquier hueco entre los paneles interior y exterior.


Pinza giratoria económica para cajas de cartón ondulado

En Pinza giratoria económica is installed through a specific die cut and simply turns to lock in place, providing an easy system for opening and closing a corrugated carton. This clip features an extended internal leg, along with two locking tabs, which work together to eliminate any gap between the inner and outer panels. The Economy Rotary Clip is reusable and can be installed or removed in seconds, requiring no additional tools.



2018 was another exciting year at Allen Field. Numerous new products were brought to the market and we would like to thank all our customers for making these products a success!

Rueda Eze

An innovative rolling system that simplifies your packaging and creates movable  displays. Recommended for packaging fitness equipment, building material, furniture, bedding, computer server rack system, and more.


8.5″ Mango Super Duty

Retains the signature flat profile known to the Standard & Heavy-Duty Series with enhanced strength. With a 125 lbs. proven holding capacity, the Super Duty Handle is the ultimate choice for your superior carrying demands.


3-Tier Sock Hanger with Extended Bar

Double Tab Slide On Header Hook

Low Rider Handle & Washer Discs

Rotary Display Hook with Metal Rod

PP800 Hand Hole Clip

Clip de estantería ondulado

Super Duty Handle

Empuñadura EZ Grip


Allen Field will be closed for Christmas and New Year’s

Monday – Tuesday, December 24, 2018 – January 1, 2019

Se reanudarán las operaciones y el horario de oficina habituales

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Our warehouse facilities will be open and operating
Wednesday – Friday, December 26 – 28, 2018

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