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Julio de 2018

Mango Super Duty de 8,5

Durante más de 70 años, la serie de asas Standard & Heavy Duty de Allen Field ha resistido la prueba del tiempo gracias a su fiabilidad y sencillez. Este verano, nos complace anunciar el nuevo mango Super Duty de 8,5", la elección definitiva para una demanda de transporte superior. La nueva empuñadura mantiene el perfil plano característico de esta serie con una resistencia mejorada derivada de sofisticadas técnicas de moldeado.


8.5″ Mango Super Duty

For over 70 years, Allen Field’s Standard & Heavy Duty Handle Series has withstood the test of time due to its reliability and simplicity. This summer, we are excited to announce the new 8.5″ Mango Super Duty, the ultimate choice for superior carrying demand. The new handle retains the signature flat profile known to this series with enhanced strength derived from sophisticated molding techniques. The Super Duty Handle can securely carry up to 125 lbs. Custom colors and logo imprint are available upon request. To receive a notification when this item is available, please submit a request with the below button.

Mango Super Duty de 8,5


Rotary Display Hook with Metal Rod

Rotary Display Hook with Metal Rod (drawing)

Allen Field’s design and engineering team is currently working on the Rotary Display Hook with Metal Rod. The rod snaps into the plastic base, the base then turns to lock onto a corrugated tray – creating a secure display unit in just a few seconds. The metal rod enables our Rotary Display system to accommodate heavier products, as well as making it easier than ever to swap out rods with different merchandise. The hook is available in 4″, 8″, and 10″ lengths. To receive further updates on product development, submit a request with the button below.


Allen Field Company has acquired the American Handle product line, thus augmenting our product offerings to include industrial equipment handles, hardware for carrying cases y musical instrument case components. We’re excited to grow our catalog with these additions, please Contacto to learn more about the new products.

Industrial Equipment Handles & Hardware for Carrying Cases

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Add a Splash of Color to Your Summer

Feeling creative? Why not add an eye-catching packaging component to your product and display! A distinctive packaging component can be the simplest way to build a display that captures attention without overcrowding the senses. Call 800.535.0810 o email us with your PMS shade to begin the fun process.

Ring Hooks in Custom Colors
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