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Moving is no longer a pain with the Trundler!

When it comes to moving stock, everyone is a hero! Nobody wants to admit something is too heavy to lift, so there’s plenty of unnecessary straining and huffing and puffing coming from employees, and perhaps some unnecessary muscle strains suffered by them as well.

There’s no need to overdo it anymore, though, with a Trundler from Allen Field. A Trundler is a wheel and bracket mechanism that can be placed on the bottom of heavy or awkward packages, thereby allowing employees to easily transport the product from the stock room to the shelves. Better yet, the Trundler also allows products to be displayed in true “standalone” fashion on the floor, which saves valuable money in packaging design.

Estamos deseosos de ayudarle con todas sus necesidades de diseño de envases y ofrecerle una forma atractiva y rentable de exponer los productos que vende. Si desea más información sobre Allen Field, póngase en contacto con nosotros aquí!

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