8053 1/2 Corner

The 8053 1/2 is a medium corner that has three mounting legs with one screw hole on each leg. Molded with a 0.06″ corner radius in a right angle, this product is easy to install with three screws. Whether you use it for surface mount, adding protection, or a decorative purpose, the 8053 1/2 is a classic corner for your product. This plated corner measures 1.17″ from screw hole to center of the tab. Order now and experience the quality of this metal corner protector for furniture. Customers who bought this product also viewed the 8053 5/8 Two-Leg Corner.


Categoría: Corners
Material: 1.17” from screw hole to center of tab, .06” Corner Radius


8053-1/2-NP – Nickel Plated
8053-1/2-BP – Brass Plated

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