Clip de estantería ondulado

The corrugated shelf clip is a construction component for setting up the corrugated display unit in a retail setting. It has two pieces, the shelf bracket, and the base. To install, pre-attache the bracket to the shelf and the base to the wall, and then clip the two parts together. In fact, the 4 holes on the shelf bracket allow the glut to seep through for a superior bond. This corrugated shelf clip not only constructs a strong and stable display but also allows flexible shelf placement. More importantly, it enables the display to be shipped flat and assembled quickly at the point of sale. Build your perfect merchandiser with this great product! Get your free samples and quote by contacting Allen Field.


Nombre del artículo: Clip de estantería ondulado
Tamaño: Male: 2.16”(H) x 1.71”(W)
Female: 2.60”(L) x 1.06”(W)
Material: PP


314100540 – Translucent


Paquete de cartón/MOQ: 1000 unidades/ctn.
Peso de la caja: 17 libras.

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