Pinza de conexión de caja de pared simple HP403 de paleta fija

Box connecting clips can be difficult to install on the thin corrugated boards since the walls tend to flex, making it difficult to close and lock the clips in place. To address this common challenge, Allen Field developed the HP403! This product is our first connecting clip with a fixed paddle, a packaging aid specifically designed for thinner corrugated boards. Serving as a stationary leg, the extended paddle provides support to the box while also ensuring quick installation! The interlocking design also makes opening and repackaging a breeze! Open the spec sheet for more details! Check out the entire Serie de palas fijas to find the right clip for your box thickness. Utilize Allen Field’s box connecting clips to package items in a better way!

Did you check the flute size of your packaging material before getting the clip? Download the Guía de selección de clips de conexión de cajas.

Allen Field is a global supplier of biodegradable packaging components. Our box connecting clips are enhanced with the Aditivos Eco-One, providing sustainable solutions for many applications. Contact us now to kick-start the process of making your packaging eco-friendly!


Nombre del artículo: Fixed Paddle Single-Wall Box Connecting Clip
Tamaño: 2.70″(W) x 2.76″(H)
Espesor máximo del tablero: 0.33”
(Tenga en cuenta que, debido a la flexibilidad tanto del plástico como del cartón ondulado, es posible que se supere el grosor máximo del panel. Hable con nosotros hoy mismo si tiene alguna duda).
Material: PP


HP403 – Translucent


Paquete de cartón/MOQ: 500 unidades/ctn.
Peso de la caja: 26 libras.


PP400SS Single-Wall Clip

Serie de palas fijas

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