Colgador adhesivo Stik-Tite 6116

Stik-Tite Hangers offer an efficient and cost-effective solution for product display. These versatile hangers seamlessly fit into various peg fixtures, enabling you to maximize shelf space and reduce inventory costs. Our Stik-Tite Series provides flexibility and convenience with adhesive tape for easy attachment to product packaging and a choice between closed or open hooks. The 6116 Hanger, featuring a closed hook for added security, is suitable for use on plastics, cardboards, and shrink wrap films. It’s important to note that el estado del sustrato afecta directamente al rendimiento del adhesivo. Before placing your order, we recommend consulting with our packaging experts to ensure compatibility with your substrate. Looking for an open hook option? Don’t forget to check out the 6323 Percha.


Nombre del artículo: Stik-Tite  Adhesive Hanger 6116
Tamaño: 1.875”(W), 1.375”(H)
Display Weight: 18 oz.



30CFV6116 – Clear



Paquete de cartón/MOQ: 5000 unidades/ctn.
Peso de la caja: 10 libras.


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