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Consigue una victoria de embalaje con el Rotary Locking Clip de Allen Field.

Looking for a sure-fire packaging win? Our Rotary Locking Clip will be a triumph for manufacturers and consumers alike!

The new Rotary Locking Clip is an interlock system designed for corrugated packaging, point of sale, and industrial applications. This clip is inserted into box walls from the outside of a corrugated board via a simple die cut, then turns and locks into place. It joins two pieces of corrugated cardboard together and makes closing and reopening the package a breeze.

The clip is 100% reusable and it can be easily assembled and removed in a few seconds; no additional fixings or tools are required. Watch este vídeo to learn more about the ground-breaking Rotary Locking Clip by Allen Field Company.

En Allen Field, estamos deseando ayudarle con todos sus necesidades de diseño de envases y ofrecerle una forma atractiva y rentable de exponer los productos que vende. Si desea más información sobre Allen Field, póngase en contacto con nosotros aquí!

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