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La Gran Lucha: El HP601W3 contra el corrugado de triple pared.

Some of the best heavyweight fights don’t need to take place in a boxing ring! The latest titanic bout is in envasado, where the contender HP601W3 is ready and eager to take down the longtime champ, the triple wall corrugated boxes.

The HP601W3 is a box clip which combines the sleek design of the HP601W with much-needed extra depth, all of which makes it a formidable challenger to those long-established triple wall corrugated boxes. The potency and power of the HP601W3 makes it the most demanded box clip to ever hit our line and a legitimate alternative to the triple wall corrugated box. But does the HP601W3 have enough to topple the champion?

Tune in to the big fight by visiting Campo Allen  today and casting your vote! To learn more about the HP601W3, how it works and to receive a sample–as well as to learn more about Allen Field and how we can help with your necesidades de diseño y envasado, contact us today!

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