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Allen Field helps drawers last for years!

We’re not just about packaging design at Allen Field! Another thing we really appreciate here is a dresser drawer that is as study as it is long-lasting. Indeed, a good dresser drawer is one of those things you don’t appreciate until you don’t have one. But we take great pride in producing herrajes para cajones—including cam guards, file bar clips and a metal drawer bracket with bumper cover—that enhance the life of dresser drawers!

Each one of our dresser drawer products are durable and built with material intended to provide decades of use. Best of all, these products are affordably priced and will fit into any budget. With Allen Field, you’ll never have to worry about NOT having a good dresser drawer!

En Allen Field, estamos deseando ayudarle con todos sus necesidades de diseño de envases y ofrecerle una forma atractiva y rentable de exponer los productos que vende. Si desea más información sobre Allen Field, póngase en contacto con nosotros aquí!

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