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At Allen Field, we design packaging components to meet both functional and aesthetic goals. When a project calls for a packaging component, such as a handle, connecting clip, or display aid, Allen Field presents not a single option but a variety of options. By far, the most popular packaging component in packaging design today is the handle. Since our first handle series was launched in 1960, we have made it our mission to delivery handles that are of the highest quality and optimal functionality while presenting the opportunity to further promote your brand!

Standard & Heavy-Duty Handles

This handle series is ideal for small to medium sized cartons. On one end you have the Mango resistente de 6,5, which is often used on cartons packaging small appliances, sample cases, book storage boxes, and consumer electronics. When your project demands higher carrying capacity, the solution is our new 8.5” Super Duty Handle, which boasts a 125 lbs. carry capacity. The Super Duty is commonly used in packaging designs for heavy appliances and larger consumer electronics. All the handles in this series can be customized with your company’s logo and PMS color.

The T Series’ iconic design provides larger surface area, increasing the handle’s hold on the inside of the carton. The Asa de escolta is perfect for carrying boxed pet foods, gardening supplies, and sporting goods. The Mango flexible carries up to 45 lbs., enabling the comfortable carrying of computers, liquid containers, and housewares. To prevent damage to the die cuts, be sure to order Placas de soporte for heavier packages.

En Doble asa trenzada y Mango de pulsera are often spotted on shirt and hat boxes, dry cleaning boxes, and light glassware packages. The Rope Handles, available in 9”, 12”, 15” and 18” lengths, are suggested for fruit and vegetable boxes, harvesting packages, and houseware cases.

Swivel Handles

En Euro Giratorio, Giro Easy Locky Soft Touch handles are designed for suitcases, sales and sample kits, games, and reusable packaging. These handles come with the locking tabs, but don’t forget to check out the Support Bar to make installation even easier.

Be sure to ask our knowledgeable packaging experts which handle can meet your project specifications and deliver the design and function that Allen Field projects are known for! Check out the Guía de arandelas y placas de apoyo for a quick reference on choosing the correct Washer Disc or Support Plate for the handle you like! Request free samples today!

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