EnviroHandles –
Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Package Handles

EnviroHandles from Allen Field

Allen Field offers a full array of EnviroHandles – environmentally sustainable package handles that excel functionally while enhancing your product packaging design with an eco-friendly solution.

Create Fully Sustainable Packaging with Allen Field EnviroHandles

Allen Field offers our customers the ability to make their existing packaging 100% sustainable.

Select from a wide range of natural fiber and cloth handles in a multitude of colors to best complement your product’s package while respecting its ultimate environmental footprint.

Eco-Friendly in Every Sense

EnviroHandles are created using sustainable and recyclable materials, making them the ideal choice for package designers looking for an eco-friendly solution.

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Economically Friendly
  • Ergonomically Friendly
  • End-user Friendly

Machine Automation Available

Looking for high-speed application of EnviroHandles?

Allen Field offers machine automation opportunities for EnviroHandles.

These high-capacity, compact machines can apply up to *11,000 units per hour accurately and consistently. By automating the application of handles, you are able to save time and money by streamlining your package production process.

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*Automation solutions limited based on availability and terms. Actual production capacities may vary.

Why Allen Field?

Providing Innovative handle solutions since 1945, Allen Field strives to offer our clients Simply Brilliant packaging components. In addition, Allen Field’s expert staff are not only friendly but have years of experience in helping package designers like you find the perfect solution for product packaging.

Combine this with our commitment to offering a premier line of environmentally (and economically) friendly handles and, you have a winning combination that’s great for your brand, your buyers’ experience, and the planet.

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