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Febrero de 2018

Servicios personalizados

¿Sabía que Allen Field acepta proyectos de diseño, fabricación y abastecimiento personalizados de todos los alcances y tamaños? Hemos forjado asociaciones exitosas con nuestros clientes gracias a nuestra capacidad para adaptarnos rápidamente y competir eficazmente en una economía mundial en rápida evolución.

Servicios personalizados

Did you know that Allen Field takes on custom design, manufacturing, and sourcing projects of all scopes and sizes? We have built a successful partnerships with customers based on our ability to quickly adapt and effectively compete in the rapidly changing global economy. We are not content with delivering a high-quality “off-the-shelf” product for a good price. We want to design a part for your product that helps it work better, cost less, and sell more; giving you the custom solution that optimizes value. Whether you require a small tweak in an existing component, a completely new design, or help in sourcing, Allen Field has the experience, breadth and depth of capability to develop and deliver the best solution.

Thinking Outside the Box

Allen Field is synonymous with plastic handles, box connecting clips, small plastic hangers, and POP display aids. We inventory the largest variety of packaging and display components! But our solutions don’t stop there.

A customer approached us with an issue on their assembly line. Specifically, they were using a common zip tie to bundle closet components before shipping and workers were experiencing ergonomic, repetitive motion issues. Moreover, products would often shift during shipping and arrive to the retailer damaged. This resulted in automatic “Return to Vendor” status, regardless of the level of damage.

In response to these challenges, Allen Field designed the Shipping Clip. This product is fastened to the end of a rod and held in place with multiple slip-resistant ribs inside the cap. Then the clip is locked to the shelving, securing the components and eliminating movement during shipping. Installation is swift and seamless, two critical aspects for assembly line efficiency. Allen Field’s solution was affordable and high quality. It eliminated work-related injuries, as well as reduced returns – resulting in significant savings.


We are solving problems like this every day at Allen Field. Explore our Servicios personalizados and contact us to learn how we can solve your challenges, packaging-related and otherwise!

Case Study – Easy to Apply, Strong to Hold

Impressed by Allen Field’s reputation as an end-to-end solution provider, a well-known underwear company approached us to develop a hanger for their redesigned retail package.

Project Specifications:

  • Strong enough to hold multiple units of apparel
  • Not impede access to product (aka “frustration-free” packaging)

Rather than designing a bulky hook in commodity plastic material, we designed a small, one-piece hook made from engineering-grade plastic. This enabled our solution to hold more and require less material. The Gancho deslizante is inserted and snapped into place easily and securely holds up to 5 lbs. Once fastened, it is virtually impossible for the hook to separate from the header card. This solution came in at a lower than expected cost and exceeded the customer’s project specifications because it also decreased assembly time. This customer has redesigned a variety of its retail packaging to incorporate this solution!

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