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Junio de 2020

Diseñe su envase de bandeja y funda de cartón ondulado de pared simple con nuestro HP403

El flejado es lo más común, pero también tiene problemas inherentes que conducen a embalajes dañados y devoluciones / rechazos. Esto es más evidente en las paredes de cartón ondulado más finas. Nuestra HP403 funciona en aplicaciones de una sola pared y mejorará los diseños de embalaje al eliminar el flejado.

Connect Single Wall Tray and Sleeve & Eliminate Strapping
Tray and sleeve package designs are popular with products where easy to open packaging is a value. This design needs some sort of fastening method to keep everything together. Strapping is most common but also has inherent problems that lead to damaged packaging and returns / rejects. This is most apparent on thinner corrugated walls. Our HP403 works on single-wall applications and will improve packaging designs by eliminating strapping. It provides repeated access to the product inside. Additionally, the clip is designed with a fixed alignment leg to help compensate for misalignment of die cuts. Like all our connecting clips, the 403 is an innovative solution that transforms your package into the best it can be.

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Adhesive Strip Handle – New Styles Available!
Adhesive handles are an economical packaging add-on that makes a product easier to carry out of the store. Our Tiras adhesivas Mango is now available in various lengths and adhesive strengths, allowing for heavier carry weight and customization. The handle adhesive performs well on plastics, cardboards, and shrink wrap films (depending on the surface condition). Logo customization available.
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The Hidden Values You Can’t Overlook
Improving the carry experience and increasing sales are just two fundamental benefits when adding a plastic package handle to your design. Strategically, the right handle can save a company millions of dollars by decreasing work related injuries, maintaining package integrity, reducing returns, and more. Read our latest blog post para saber más.
321 Flat Handle

Featuring a contoured underline, the 321 Asa is comfortable to carry with. This plastic handle offers two mounting options: the 7406 bracket or the 9401 stud. Either way, the hardware pairs nicely with the clean design of the handle and is perfect for cases with limited mounting area.
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