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Marzo de 2019

La placa de apoyo para Hi-Line Flex

Las placas de soporte de Allen Field funcionan al unísono con las asas de plástico. Diseñado específicamente para su uso con el mango flexible Hi-Line, que soporta hasta 65 libras, la placa de soporte 35795 ofrece soporte adicional para el mango cuando se dedica a llevar.


La placa de apoyo para Hi-Line Flex

Allen Field’s support plates work in unison with the plastic handles. Designed specifically for use with the Asa flexible Hi-Line, which holds up to 65 lbs., the 35795 Support Plate  offers extra support for the handle when engaged in carrying. This support plate keeps the handle in place and reinforces the die cuts from inside of the corrugated box, creating a more reliable and durable carrying experience for the consumer. Ask our packaging experts about this high-capacity handle & washer set and order your sample today!



PBC – The Pegboard Clip

Allen Field’s product development team is finalizing a new POP display accessory – the Pegboard Clip (PBC). Pegboard displays are simple to ship and convenient to erect but often lack stability when the display is filled with product. The Pegboard Clip inserts from the back of the corrugated display and is secured by a Christmas tree fastener. Our solution prevents the pegboard from bowing forward when fully stocked without the use of security bars that interfere with the overall appearance of your branded display. Our engineering team is looking forward to achieving some exciting results with this revolutionary display constructor! If you would like to be notified when this product is available, simply fill out a request form with this button below.


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Integrated SRP Solutions

With shipping convenience and merchandising readiness in mind, we have developed many SRP solutions for our clients. For example, the Pinza giratoria económica delivers a secure fit during shipping and simplifies assembly at the point-of-sale…


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Designed with a user-friendly customer center, Allen Field Web Store allows you to access your account 24/7. Along with placing orders, in the web store you can generate statements, pay invoices with a credit card, view quotes, and track orders (if shipped via UPS, FedEx, or LTLs). Presently, we can only process orders with “Prepay and Add” freight terms. Interested in access Allen Field’s Web Store?


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