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Mayo de 2018

Serie de ganchos de suspensión

En Allen Field, ofrecemos una variedad de ganchos colgantes que se acoplan fácilmente para exponer sus productos de forma organizada. Si no encuentra lo que busca en nuestro sitio web, nos enorgullecemos de diseñar y producir la solución exacta que necesita.


Serie de ganchos de suspensión

At Allen Field, we offer a variety of hook hangers that easily attach to display your products in an organized matter. If you do not find what you’re looking for on our website, we pride ourselves on designing and producing the exact solution you need. Don’t hesitate to Contacto to discuss modifications to any of our products!



Color Options


Gancho deslizante de cabecera

1.69″(W) x 1.11″(H)


Slim arm easily slides in and out of small paperboard cartons or plastic bags

Gancho de cabeza deslizante

1,43″(ancho) x 1,50″(alto)

Black, White

Slides on to header card from top. Holds up to 5 lbs.

Euro-Pac Hook

1.54″(W) x 1.05″(H)

  Black, White,

Custom Colors

Can be made from 100% recycled material

Hang Eze Micro II

0.67″(W) x 1.45″(H)


Angled fold-over fastener and flat connector

Hang Eze 250

2.13″(W) x 3.30″(H)

Translucent, Black

Double arm fold-over lock secures larger and heavier textile products

Hang Eze 300

1.28″(W) x 2.19″(H)

Translucent, White

Wide hook can hang on round and rectangular display rods

Hang Eze 500

2.00″(W) x 3.50″(H)


Largest in size. Simple to attach to plastic bags or header cards


Rueda Eze

The Wheel Eze is an innovative rolling system utilizing wheels to ease the movement of heavy packs around a store, warehouse, or in transit. The integrated hook and support bracket allow the Wheel Eze to be directly installed and secured to the corrugated box via the die-cut. Once installed, the weight of the pack is evenly distribute, alleviating pressure on the bottom of the pack. Using the Wheel Eze creates a mobile display in a matter of minutes, and can be used for mattress, bed-in-box, furniture, and other large sized products.

New Belt Hanger

Allen Field is on the cusp of launching a new belt hanger! This hanger is compatible with belt buckles that have pins (this may include plaque buckles, anchor/snap-on buckles, and wrestling buckles) and eliminates the need to bend or otherwise wrap the belt while on display. While cleanly hanging a belt on display, stores can simply attach a security device to the hanger to eliminate theft. Customize with your color and logo! Samples will be available soon.


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