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Abastézcase de expositores POP en Allen Field.

Few display aids are more vital to the sales of the products they display than hooks, clips and hangers. Not only do these display aids have to be sturdy and durable enough to keep the product visible and aloft—nobody’s going to buy anything that’s fallen to the ground—but they must also be aesthetically appealing in order to grab the attention of a potential customer.

Allen Field produces many variations of hooks, clips and hangers. We can also work with clients on custom manufactured display aids that meet specific requirements. No matter what kind of display aid you choose from us, rest assured it is made up of the best plastics and processes on the market.

En Allen Field, estamos deseando ayudarle con todos sus necesidades de diseño de envases y ofrecerle una forma atractiva y rentable de exponer los productos que vende. Si desea más información sobre Allen Field, póngase en contacto con nosotros aquí!

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