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Tamper evident clips improve sales!

For all the money stores spend on advertising and all the effort they expend coming up with impressive and attractive displays, the truth is few things can encourage (or discourage) a potential buyer more than the condition of the package that houses an item.

If the package looks brand new, the shopper will be more likely to purchase it. And if the package looks beaten up—or tampered with—then it’ll almost certainly be put back by the shopper, never to be considered again.

Make sure your products are tamper-free with tamper-evident clips from Allen Field! Our tamper-evident box connecting clips and tamper-evident bag tag clips will steer customers away from trying to open a package while also allowing retailers to promptly remove product that has been compromised.

En Allen Field, estamos deseando ayudarle con todos sus necesidades de diseño de envases y ofrecerle una forma atractiva y rentable de exponer los productos que vende. Si desea más información sobre Allen Field, póngase en contacto con nosotros aquí!

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