Displaying Athletic Apparel Case Study

A well know Athletic Apparel Company came to us for a packaging display solution for their winter athletic gear. The customer was looking for a unique way to hang their protective face and neck scarves in retail stores. Having no concept in mind, they relied on Allen Field Company to come up with an idea that offered functionality and reinforced their brand.

Our design and engineer team got together and created a new scarf hanger that would be multi-functional for the customer. The concept involved a hanger connected to a detachable snowboard replica, to coincide with the winter sport theme. The snowboard would have the company logo raised and glossed for immediate attention and could be used as a keychain once torn off from the hanger. With this idea, the customer would be promoting the company with the product itself and with the fun snowboard keychain.

Coming to Allen Field with no base ideas, our client soon had a full-on marketing concept to complete their packaging with style.

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