Environmental Responsibility

Adopting sustainable practices, whether large or small, can have significant impacts in the long run. As a global supplier of plastic components, every business decision presents an opportunity to make a difference. We are constantly implementing sustainable business practices and products. Our goal is to achieve the most efficient balance between resource utilization and economic viability, while maintaining rigorous technical standards.

How We Contribute


  • Reduce damage to goods and minimize total resources used
  • Extend the life of the packaging material
  • Reduce replacement of packaging supplies
  • Durable, reusable, recyclable
  • Reduce injuries during assembly and in retail environment


  • Design every product to be effective, efficient, and safe throughout its life cycle
  • Optimize the use of the materials and energy in production and operation
  • Meet and exceed market criteria for performance and cost


  • Maximize responsible sourcing
  • Utilize recycled materials and bio-degradable additives
  • Parts with a hinge (IE: select hooks, hangers, and box clips) contain 5% post-production recycled materials. Parts without a hinge contain 10% post-production recycled materials
environmental responsibility


  • Provide clean solutions that minimize waste
  • Help customers improve efficiency and reduce costs
  • Open to ideas and methods to reduce environnental footprint


  • Assist customers in identifying opportunities to improve packaging efficiency
  • Encourage customers to develop re-use and recycling programs
  • Connect sustainable packaging strategies with existing market needs

Eco-One® Additives

  • We manufacture biodegradable plastic packaging components with Eco-One ® additives

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Our Headquarters

Over the past few years, We've taken deliberate actions toward reducing our footprint in the office. From reducing our paper usage by half to implementing an email-only invoice policy, allowing us to decrease our printed paper consumption by approximately 30%. We also use only energy efficient light bulbs throughout our entire building and the Nest leaf setting on our thermostats, reducing our energy consumption 5%. Our goal is to continue improving and implementing sustainable practices throughout out company.

Our Philosophies

At Allen Field, we believe that cultivating sustainable practices help achieve higher efficiency and profitability. Our manufacturing facilities are ISO certified and we are in total control of all our procedures; including safety, performance, and use of materials. To minimize our waste, we recycle and reuse all the excess plastic generated during the production process. As a global supplier of plastic products, our raw materials are responsibly sourced only from trusted vendors. Nearly all of our packaging components are reusable and have biodegradable additives to aid in their decomposition. We have made it our mission to provide clean packaging solutions and encourage all of our customers to engage in recycling and reuse programs.
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