Environmental Responsibility

Adopting sustainable practices, whether large or small, can have significant impacts in the long run. As a global supplier of plastic components, every business decision presents an opportunity to make a difference. We are constantly implementing sustainable business practices and products. Our goal is to achieve the most efficient balance between resource utilization and economic viability, while maintaining rigorous technical standards.

How We Contribute

Our Headquarters

Over the past few years, We've taken deliberate actions toward reducing our footprint in the office. From reducing our paper usage by half to implementing an email-only invoice policy, allowing us to decrease our printed paper consumption by approximately 30%. We also use only energy efficient light bulbs throughout our entire building and the Nest leaf setting on our thermostats, reducing our energy consumption 5%. Our goal is to continue improving and implementing sustainable practices throughout out company.

Our Products

Our team of experts guarantee our products meet and exceed legal standards regarding everything from the materials to the energy use. You'll find that a number of our components offer sustainable features such as product protection that reduces resources and damage to products, components for retail that reduce the need to replace displays due to wear and tearm, and the reuse of excess plastic during the production process. Nearly all of the products Allen Field offers are reusable or have an additive to aid in decomposition. That's why, we encourage each of our customers to engage in recycling and re-use programs.

Our Mission

We've made it our mission to educate our customers regarding clean solutions. At the Allen Field Company, we believe in the importance of offering each of our customers solutions that help keep waste at a minimum so they achieve maximum success. Our teams are continuously seeking new methods and materials to reduce our footprint on the environment further, and every member of our team is encouraged to bring new ideas to the table, As a company, we make it our responsibility to increase our efficiency and take additional steps toward reducing consumption by applying our open and enduring progressive mindset to all facets of our company's operations.