Manufacturing Services

Injection Molding

Injection Molding

As an industry leader serving the packaging industry since 1945, Allen Field takes quality seriously. Therefore, the highest quality services are the professional custom injection molding team’s goal. They achieve this, in part, using the most cutting-edge technology available. For example, they’ll use machinery ranging between 50 to 3,000 tons to meet your expectations. What that translates to is limitless applications during custom injection molding processes! Allen Field prides itself on working with a wide variety of industries, including those who need packaging materials, textile accessories, woodworking supplies, among many others. No matter if you’re looking for general purpose materials or products featuring engineered thermoplastics, you’ll find them at our company!

Die cast manufacturing

Die Casting

Throughout our extensive history, our team of professionals has worked toward developing abilities for casting an assortment of alloys through various intensive phases of research and development. Zinc and aluminum are among the many alloys you’ll find in our offerings. These processes allow us to provide our clientele with cost-effective solutions for custom injection molding. This casting is not only durable, but it’s also high-quality.

Metal Stamping

Metal Stamping

We take innovation seriously at Allen Field, which is why it’s at the forefront of our sheet metal stamping services. Precision is key when our team of professionals complete engineering processes. The integrated tooling solutions we offer, as well as custom injection molding, all tie into our cost-effective services. Our manufacturing involves the use of progressive die presses weighing between 20 to 800 tons. Do you need an automated bending center or power-coated lines? Thanks to the processes we run, both of those solutions are possible.

Light Assembly Packaging and Service

Light Assembly

Are you attempting to reduce the costs in your manufacturing and supply chain? We can help you accomplish that goal with our light assembly service. At Allen Field, it’s our mission to work with each of our customers toward increasing flexibility cost-effectively. We encourage you to embrace our knowledge and expertise when embarking upon custom projects. At Allen Field, we’re here to assist you with all your custom manufacturing needs.

Allen Field offers a wide variety of manufacturing services including injection molding, die-casting, metal stamping, and light assembly.

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