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Our innovative packaging components ensure that every unboxing moment is a testament to your brand’s commitment to excellence.

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Simply Sustainable

Learn More About Our Product Sustainability Features & Redefine Sustainability With Our Simply Brilliant Packaging Components.

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Create Fully
Sustainable Packaging

Package handles that excel functionally while enhancing your product packaging design with an eco-friendly solution.

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Our Purpose is to Provide Simply Brilliant Solutions for the Unique Needs of the Packaging Industry

The story behind simply brilliant.


Packaging Components That Make Good Packaging Better

It is well established that quality packaging is vital in adding value to the product.

Allen Field’s mission is to help solve packaging problems by designing, producing and supplying a selection of simply brilliant plastic components. Our solutions provide more value to your packaging throughout the supply chain: from storage, to transport, to retail display, until the product reaches its end users.

We understand that package design and function are as important as the product inside; accordingly, in addition to our proprietary products, we offer custom designed plastic components specially tailored to your needs.

Thinking Outside the Box for What’s Inside the Box

Who We Serve

Manufacturing Companies

Our proprietary packaging components are designed with ingenuity to be convenient, durable, and sustainable in order to properly secure and protect the integrity of your product. The custom design team regularly collaborates to develop and deliver better, cost-effective solutions for YOU.

Packaging Companies

Allen Field values our decades of working together with packaging companies in innovating detail-oriented solutions that refine packaging performance. Our team of experienced engineers ensure that we provide the best components for you to help you go the extra mile for your customers.

Direct-to-Consumer Brands

We are at a time when packaging is more than a mere box for a product, but a real experience in itself. We can help you create packaging that provides better ergonomics, efficiency, and a more exciting user experience for consumers.

Is your company looking for an innovative partner with years of expertise, contact Allen Field today!

Challenge Us

Challenge us to make your packaging mobile, dust-free, easy to open, easy to close – you name it, we’ll do it!

Our ingenuity and simple brilliance have proven to solve problems in the packaging industry for years, and yours is no exception!

Whether you need a modification to one of our existing components or a fully custom solution, our expert staff will listen to your challenge and then work with your team to design a solution that will meet your specific needs.

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