Plastic Handles

Our plastic handles are designed to enhance the look and performance of your existing packaging and transportation solutions and to ultimately help you improve your bottom line. We offer a large selection of high-quality plastic handles and plastic case locks, in addition to custom-designed and manufactured box handles in various colors, shapes, and sizes.

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All Handles

See all of Allenfield's handles in one place.

Elliptical Series

The Elliptical Handle Series has a 21st century feel that will set your packaging apart from your competition.

Standard & Heavy-Duty Series

The Standard & Heavy-Duty series enhances the look and performance of your existing packaging, without requiring a complete package redesign.

T Series

The T Series takes the durability and aesthetics of your package to the next level.

Decorative Series

Add a stylish touch to your product’s packaging with a handle from the Decorative Series.

Side Mount Handles

The handles in the Side Mount Series are designed for wall thicknesses up to 1.25″.

String & Strap Series

The String & Strap Series includes a large selection of high-quality stock string handles, strap lock handles, and strap carry handles for your packaging needs.

Swivel Series

The handles in our Swivel Series include high-quality euro swivel handles, swivel handles, and easy lock handles for your packaging needs.

Case Locks

Our Case Lock Series includes snap, slide, and twist locks that improve the strength and usability of your package.

Specialty Handles

Our Specialty Handle series will help your product stand out in front of consumers and businesses alike.

Washer & Support Plates

Our washer and support plates offer extra support to your packages’ handles and make carrying a breeze for your customers.

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