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Box with stable stack clips

May 2024

Elevate Packaging Strength & Stability

Enhance the strength and stability of your heavy packaging with Allen Field’s Stable Stack Clips, which easily create stackable boxes by reinforcing corrugated walls with wooden support boards.

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Enviro Box

October 2023

Allenfield's Eco-Friendly, End-User Friendly, and Economically Friendly EnviroHandles

Allenfield's line of EnviroHandles elevate packaging to become a 100% sustainable solution.

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July / August 2023

Allen Field's Simply Brilliant Plastic Handles & Case Locks

Allen Field's Simply Brilliant Plastic Handles & Case Locks come in a wide variety of styles and choices, ensuring your unique packaging needs and met and exceeded.

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May 2023

Fasten Multiple Layers of Corrugated Panels with Allen Field's Corra-Screws

Corra-Screws from Allen Field are able to secure multiple layers of corrugated packaging without the use of staples or glue. Corra-Screws ensure a quick and easy installation while reliability maintaining the integrity of your packaging.

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