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Enviro Box

October 2023

Allenfield's Eco-Friendly, End-User Friendly, and Economically Friendly EnviroHandles

Allenfield's line of EnviroHandles elevate packaging to become a 100% sustainable solution.

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July / August 2023

Allen Field's Simply Brilliant Plastic Handles & Case Locks

Allen Field's Simply Brilliant Plastic Handles & Case Locks come in a wide variety of styles and choices, ensuring your unique packaging needs and met and exceeded.

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May 2023

Fasten Multiple Layers of Corrugated Panels with Allen Field's Corra-Screws

Corra-Screws from Allen Field are able to secure multiple layers of corrugated packaging without the use of staples or glue. Corra-Screws ensure a quick and easy installation while reliability maintaining the integrity of your packaging.

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March 2023

Effortless Unpacking and Repacking of Master Cartons With Allen Field’s Box Flap Closure

Our sophisticated design saves time and minimizes workload without the requirement of tape, staples or strapping. Allen Field's Box Flap Closure is a valuable asset to your inventory and fulfillment management toolkit.

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February 2023

Reposition Your POS Display Units Around the Store With Ease

Strategically positioned displays encourage buying while moveable packaging increases overall efficiency. The CA600 Caster is designed to transform heavy packaging into moveable, floor-ready display units in just a few seconds.

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January 2023

A Cover Can Keep Inner Protective Packaging in Place While Removing Dirt and Dust

When you need non-structural protection for a palletized product, sometimes the best option is an outer corrugated cover with an open bottom

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December 2022

Adding Value to Your Packaging

We help solve packaging problems and add value to your business throughout the supply chain: from storage, to transport, to retail display, until the product reaches its end-users

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November 2022

New Snap On Bottle Neck Handles

Recently, we created a bottle neck handle for plastic beverage bottles that deliver reliable carrying capacity while providing comfort for consumers.

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