POP Display Aids

For over 70 years, Allen Field has been helping customers display their merchandise with innovative and functional POP display aids. We’ll work with you to assess which solutions will display your products best, guaranteeing the highest quality materials to aid in sturdiness and functionality. We offer the broadest selection of POP display aid sizes, designs, and shapes, as well as custom options and complete solutions.

Allen Field helps you achieve exceptional aesthetic appeal, as well as durability and versatility.

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Clips & Adhesive Series

Our Clips & Adhesive Series enables you to display your products from hooks or rods and display bag-packed products with ease.

Hook Series

The Hook Series offers cost-effective display options for your hosiery, apparel, header card displays, and more.

Hang Tabs

Stand your product upright for carrying and hanging or lock in folded for stocking and shipping. Includes attached washer plate and is easy to install through a simple cut-out.

Pants & Shirt Clips

Display your garments in a clean, organized, and professional manner with Allen Field Pants & Shirt Clips.

Belt Hangers & Tie Riders

Our Belt Hangers & Tie Riders help maintain order and increase visual appeal for your products at retail. Available in various sizes and styles.

Display Rings

Available in various sizes and colors to provide you with exceptional versatility and aesthetic appeal.

Specialty POP

Need a unique display solution for your product? Our Specialty series is home to some of our most sophisticated display aid products.

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