A Commitment to Brilliance

At Allen Field, we are committed to empowering everyone we interact with daily – our employees and customers. By embodying our core values and consistently practicing active listening, we strive to foster an environment that is adaptable, principled, and marked by exceptional service.

Thanks to that commitment, we’ve earned a reputation for simply brilliant packaging components. The numbers don’t lie:

  • Over 7 Billion Parts Manufactured
  • Over 20,000 Satisfied Customers
  • Over 500 Stock Parts
  • 95% In Stock Inventory
  • 6 Manufacturing Locations
  • 8 Distribution Centers
  • 58 Countries Served
  • In-house engineering team
  • High-quality plastic materials and environmentally friendly options
  • 9.7 Customer Approval Rating (Quarterly NPS)

These statistics collectively paint a picture of a well-established and customer-centric company with a global presence, a diverse product offering, and a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and innovation. Through this dedication, we create a rewarding and passionate atmosphere that not only fulfills our team but also drives us to produce products that genuinely meet people’s needs.

Partner with Allen Field

Keeping true to our brand; doing business with us is as convenient and easy as using our products. Reach out to us through various channels, and our team will be ready to support and champion your product packaging designs. 

Take a look back to see how we got where we are today. Click here to see a visual representation of our timeline to success.

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