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First, the basics: Allen Field is the choice manufacturer of proprietary and custom-designed fittings for the Packaging, Woodworking and Textile Industries.

We’re a lot more than that, though. Allen Field is dedicated to turning customer’s problems into solutions. All of our work is approached with passion, care, and an in-depth understanding of the industries we serve. Our solutions-oriented approach continues to make us a recognized leader in getting the hard work done for our clients.

Our Backstory

Our product line has expanded extensively since 1945. Allen Field was established in 1945 as a customer-focused manufacturer of plastic sock hangers, shoe hangers, small garment accessory hangers, plastic clips, plastic closures and other retail display hardware for the garment and hosiery industry. Since our inception, we’ve approached the manufacturing of our products with customer pain points at the forefront of production. Everything we’ve made has been tailored to fit the needs of consumers, big or small.

That evolution included products such as box clips, plastic box handles, and plastic handles with logos. Our box clip is a convenient way to keep your packaging together. We want your needs met at every junction – our products are versatile enough for you to use in the way that they best fit your needs, whatever they may be.

We take our mission seriously. It’s our goal to assist in the Design and Manufacturing of quality components for customers. Using our capabilities and experience in plastic injection molding, die-casting, metal-stamping, and woodworking, we’ve managed to influence better outcomes and solutions to the problems faced by people all over the world.

Box being assembled upon a pallet, including connecting clips and pallet clips

A Look Back at Allen Field


Brothers, Allen and Sydney Field, founded the Allen Field Company in Manhattan, NY, and began selling small plastic fittings and components


To meet market demand, the Allen Field Co. launched its first mass-produced line of handles.


Allen Field Co. introduced a full line of proprietary plastic hangers for small garments and hosiery.


Allen Field Co. was acquired by its current owners and began to diversify across product lines and US borders


Allen Field Co. outgrew its Manhattan office and relocated to Farmingdale, NY, where we expanded our workforce and added an onsite warehouse.


Allen Field Co. acquired PX Hardware, thus broadening its product offering in the woodworking industry to include cabinet hardware and shelf supports.


Allen Field Co. opened its Shanghai, China office and formed a global team with members who have knowledge and experience in international sourcing industry.


Allen Field Co. began selling a diverse line of box connecting clips.


Allen Field Co.’s extensive line of plastic handles saw the addition of the modern and sleek Elliptical Handle Series.


Allen Field moved to Brightwaters, NY to centralize our design capabilities.


Allen Field Co. acquired American Handle Co. again expanding its product line to include industrial and music case handles and hardware.


Allen Field founds its current home in Bensalem, PA, in order to enhance our manufacturing capabilities.


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