PP910 Oval Handhole Clip

Allen Field’s PP910 Oval Hand Hole Clips are designed to protect the hand holes on boxes from wear and tear, ensuring that the corrugated box lasts longer. They can secure corrugated boards up to .31″ thick, while still providing convenient hand holes for easy carrying. This oval handle/clip is durable, easy to install and remove, making it a simple and effective solution for your packaging needs.

Allen Field is a global supplier of biodegradable packaging components. Our plastic handles and washer plates are enhanced with the Eco-One® additives, providing eco-friendly carrying solutions for many applications. Contact us now to kick-start the process of making your packaging green!


Item Name: Oval Handhole Clip
Size: 4.99″(W) x 2.20″(H)
Maximum Board Thickness: .31″
Material: PP


PP910-05 – Translucent
PP910-10 – White
PP910-80 – Black


Carton Pack/MOQ: 400 pcs/ctn. (1000 pcs.)
Carton Weight: 20 lbs.


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