Make Your Displays Movable

Corrugated retail displays. We know how common they are everywhere. Supermarkets ,big box retailers. One of the problems with is this what is is that retailers at times would like to move the displays for various reasons. One of the challenges that we see in retail environment is that when stores are cleaned at night, often the cleaning crew will get the bottom of a corrugated display wet.This degrades the longevity of the display and the retailer doesn’t get the full value their expecting. Additionally, a retailer may choose to relocate a display in the store for an item that might not be selling that well. Allen Field’s modular display caster system solves that problem. We’ve gone ahead and installed four of the caster systems for the purpose of this demonstration.At times, a display will require a system in the middle if it’s rather heavy – so we’re going to go ahead and show you how this works. Two-piece system, regular off-the-shelf caster. Our little block goes into the die cut, simply spins into place… caster locks in – and done. And now we have a mobile retail display.

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