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Designed with the Future in Mind

At Allen Field, we are committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Our products are designed with the future in mind, incorporating features that reduce environmental impact without compromising quality and functionality. Below, you’ll find detailed information on our key sustainability features, along with links to further resources and insights on our approach to eco-friendly packaging solutions.

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Recycled Content in Packaging

Our products can contain up to 50% recycled content, contributing to a circular economy and reducing the need for virgin materials. By incorporating recycled materials, we help minimize waste and conserve natural resources.


Recyclable Elements in Packaging

Many of our products are fully recyclable. Look for the recycle ID on material specifications to ensure proper recycling. By designing for recyclability, we ensure that our products can be repurposed at the end of their lifecycle.


Biodegradable Packaging Components

Selected products include additives that enhance biodegradation, allowing them to break down more quickly in natural environments. This feature is part of our commitment to reducing pollution and promoting eco-friendly disposal methods.


Repulpable Packaging Products

Our repulpable products are designed for single-stream corrugated recycling, simplifying the recycling process and enhancing efficiency. This feature underscores our commitment to sustainable packaging solutions that support the recycling industry.


Reusable Packaging

We champion reusability in our product design, encouraging multiple uses to extend product life and reduce waste. Reusable packaging is a cornerstone of our approach to sustainability, offering both environmental and economic benefits.

Recycle ID 2

High-density polyethylene

Recycle ID 5


Recycle ID 6


All other plastics



Please note: not every feature applies to every product.

Dive Deeper into Our Sustainability Efforts

We invite you to learn more about our sustainability efforts and the actions we’re taking to ensure a greener future.

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sustainable packaging

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