Packaging Component Case Study:

Allen Field Helps Packaging Company Overcome Bicycle Packaging Challenges

Challenge: Size and Shape

A packaging design company faced difficulties designing effective packaging for bicycles due to their large and irregular shape.

  • Their client sought a more efficient method for packaging bike components during manufacturing.
  • Manually lifting a bike and placing it into a pre-erected carton proved slow and cumbersome, causing bottlenecks on the production lines.


The design company proposed a solution by redesigning the package into a telescoping-style tray and lid carton.

This new design allowed assemblers to integrate bike components and protective materials into the bottom tray. Once assembly was complete, the assemblers could effortlessly lower the middle sleeve over the components and top it off with the lid.

While the bicycle company appreciated this packaging concept, they had reservations about using conventional strapping to secure the box. Specifically, they were concerned about:

  • The strapping’s effectiveness throughout the supply chain,
  • potential damage associated with inadequate strapping,
  • the end-user experience,
  • and the issue of excess waste.

In response to these concerns, the packaging company contacted Allen Field (AF) to explore possible solutions to address these challenges. AF initiated the collaboration by evaluating the design and the associated concerns. Allen Field’s evaluation of the package design encompassed aspects such as:

  • material thickness,
  • ease of application and installation,
  • user-friendliness,
  • and the overall package weight.

Following this evaluation, Allen Field proposed potential solutions using AF-designed clips for which they provided samples.

The customer ultimately opted for two styles of Allen Field’s clips:


The customer experienced increased production efficiency with reduced labor requirements after implementing the redesigned packaging. Moreover, they were able to decrease lead times for their customers.

These improvements, coupled with a more positive unboxing experience for end-users, contributed to heightened brand recognition for the manufacturer. An unexpected benefit was the packaging’s reusability, with many clients reusing it for bike storage and transportation, further enhancing brand recognition.

Overall, Allen Field’s professional approach and collaboration with their packaging partner added the finishing touches necessary to redesign the bicycle company’s carton. This collaboration reduced labor costs, increased output, and enhanced brand recognition for their client.

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