HP601S Fixed Paddle Connecting Clip

We recently updated one of our most popular box clips (HP601) to better suit our customers’ needs. When we visited a customer, we noticed that they were having trouble assembling the boxes with the clips. The box walls were flexing and making it difficult to close and tighten the clips. To prevent this, we extended a stationary leg to improve stability. We also added new ribs to provide better support for the box connecting clips. Click here to view instructions.

We are continually adjusting and updating our product lines to provide the best packaging components for our customers. Did  you know that we provide biodegradable plastic products to align with your sustainable goals? Our box connecting clips are enhanced with the Eco-One® additives, providing sustainable solutions for many applications. Contact us now to kick-start the process of making your packaging eco-friendly!


Item Name: Fixed Paddle Connecting Clip
Size: 2.80″(W) x 2.44″(H)
Maximum Board Thickness: 0.61”
Material: PP


HP601S – Translucent


Carton Pack/MOQ: 700 pcs/ctn.
Carton Weight: 26 lbs.


HP603 Fixed Paddle Interlock Clip

Download Spec Sheet: HP601S Fixed Paddle Connecting Clip

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