Packaging Component Case Study:

Replaced Styrofoam to Save Labor, Space, and Increase Yields Per Truckload By 60%


quad clip with rackOur client, a packaging company, had a problem in packaging and shipping an odd shaped metal closet shelving for a major closet-organizing company. What the client used at the time to stack the metal shelves was a combination of Styrofoam blocks and corrugated sheets, which made the entire package bulky, costly, and cumbersome. They had to place 12 Styrofoam blocks and 1 corrugated sheet per level to avoid jarring. Even with 2 operators trying to keep up with the assembly line, the plenitude of blocks and sheets used caused hold-ups and delays in processing time. The client sought out Allen Field to create a custom solution for a better packaging system.


Not long after they approached us, we were able to propose what would eventually be the client’s new product used to improve its packaging system. Allen Field’s Plastic Nesting Quad Clips provide better product protection for a lower cost, with tidier piles, and more efficient installation. In lieu of heaps of Styrofoam blocks, only 8 quad clips are placed between layers to properly hold the shelves in place. The clip is also designed in such a way that the need to insert corrugated sheets each layer is eliminated.

Result & Additional Benefits

In comparison to the old system using Styrofoam, the new system with quad clips allows packaging of 60% more shelves in 25% less space, which resulted to increased capacity–accommodating more items per truckload. The minimalistic design of the clips takes up to 97% less space than Styrofoam blocks, and its eco-friendly material also has a more favorable impact to the environment.

If you need your packaging to be clean, compact, and cost-effective, Allen Field can help you design a simply brilliant custom solution to suit your needs.

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