Closet Organization Case Study

Having searched for a unique and precise closet system for over 2 years, a major closet organizing company sought out Allen Field to create a custom system solution. The system used at the time was cumbersome, costly, and laborious, having employees crudely tying and taping up cables to keep it in place. Allen Field proposed what would eventually be the client’s new product, and within just 10 days!

Packaging and shipping the client’s 3-part closet system in a cost-effective and efficient manner was the challenge in developing this product. Allen Field conceived and created the tailor-made Packaging Clip that allowed for easy installation, increased production time, lower costs, and greater overall aestheticism. Unique features of this clip included tailor-made, cut costs, increased production time, easy installation, and aesthetically pleasing.

Allen Field exceeded its client’s expectations through the conception and development of a high-quality, custom product. Through its innovation, management expertise, and network of valuable partners, Allen Field satisfied its client’s needs by offering a one-stop service and production experience.

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