Using Box Connecting Clips to Maintain Packaging Integrity


A manufacturing company was facing the challenge of keeping their product packaging intact as supply chain requires frequent opening and reclosing of the box for add-ons, alterations, or inspections before reaching the end users. Conventional packaging does not allow easy access to the products and may be inefficient to use in this type of supply chain process. While assessing the challenges presented by the company, Allen Field’s team discovered an additional concern on separation of box sleeve and tray, which makes it difficult to properly close the packaging.   



Allen Field’s team worked closely with the manufacturing company to design a clip that enables easy access without compromising the integrity of the packaging. It also allows for quick closure and fastening without the need for tapes, staples, and strappings. Unlike the conventional connecting clips wherein they sometimes come short to properly hold the panels together for a more secure fastening, the newly developed box connecting clip eliminated the problem by adding a fixed paddle that successfully pulls tray and sleeve panels together before the clip is fastened into the box. 



As a result, Allen Field’s simply brilliant box connecting clip allows workers along the supply chain to smoothly open, easily access the product inside, and reclose the box. And the end users are well satisfied when the entire package arrives to them in pristine condition. The efficiency provided by the cost-neutral solution reduced the overall packaging cost. 

Other manufacturing operations utilizing a similar assembly process may also run the risk of encountering the same problems. You may find the solution to your packaging problems from Allen Field’s Box Connecting Clip series, or we can help you come up a with a precise solution to your unique packaging needs. 

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