Packaging Component Case Study:

Using Box Connecting Clips to Enhance Packaging Integrity

HP601 Case StudyChallenge:

A manufacturing company faced a significant challenge with its product packaging. Their supply chain demanded frequent opening and reclosing of boxes for tasks like add-ons, alterations, or inspections before reaching end-users. Unfortunately, the packaging design, which depended on strapping, staples, and tapes, impeded easy access to the product inside and proved inefficient and unsustainable for the supply chain process. During a thorough assessment, Allen Field’s team identified an additional concern: the separation of the corrugated sleeve and tray made it difficult to properly close the packaging.


Working closely with the manufacturing company, Allen Field’s team devised a brilliant solution to address these challenges. Our engineers designed a specialized clip that not only enabled easy access to the product but also significantly enhanced the packaging’s overall integrity. This innovative clip facilitated quick closure and fastening, completely eliminating the need for tapes, staples, and strappings that had been leading to packaging failures and generating unnecessary waste. Unlike conventional connecting clips that occasionally fell short in securely holding the panels together, our newly developed box connecting clip featured a fixed paddle. This innovative feature effectively pulled the tray and sleeve panels together before the clip was securely fastened into the box, ensuring a robust and seamless closure for the packaging.


The implementation of Allen Field’s ingenious box connecting clip has yielded remarkable results. Workers along the supply chain now enjoy smooth and effortless opening, easy access to the product inside, and hassle-free reclosure of the boxes. Consequently, end-users are delighted to receive the entire package in pristine condition, significantly enhancing customer satisfaction. Moreover, the adoption of this cost-neutral solution has not only improved the functionality of the packaging but also boosted its eco-friendliness. By minimizing waste and reducing overall packaging costs for the manufacturing company, the solution aligns perfectly with sustainable practices, contributing to a greener and more responsible approach to packaging.

Looking Ahead:

Considering the potential applicability of this solution in other manufacturing operations facing similar assembly challenges, Allen Field’s Box Connecting Clip series stands as a promising option for resolving packaging problems. Additionally, for companies with unique packaging requirements, Allen Field is more than ready to collaborate in developing precise and tailor-made solutions.

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