Packaging Component Case Study:

Corrugated Pegboard Fastening Clip


Retailers want the flexibility to change hook positioning in retail displays. Pegboard displays provide position versatility virtually anywhere within the pegboard’s grid. However, there is no good way to fasten the pegboard to the corrugated with proper spacing and structural integrity. Our client, a leading packaging corporation in America, approached us for a better solution.


Allen Field Co. introduces the Pegboard Fastening Clip. This solution prevents the pegboard from losing structural integrity, without the use of additional hardware components, when fully stocked with products.

The Pegboard Fastening Clip inserts through the corrugated POP display and is easily secured to the pegboard by a Christmas tree fastener, providing proper spacing for the hook fingers between the corrugated and pegboard. The clip works on most corrugated pegboard displays and seamlessly blends into the design so as to not distract from the featured brand.

Corrugated Pegboard DisplayNow retailers can take advantage of the flexibility in re-positioning the hooks as products change season to season.


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