Curtain Display Case Study


One of the best known North American retailers in home d├ęcor products approached Allen Field for an end-to-end solution: develop a product that would openly display shower curtains, unlike the traditional transparent plastic bag, and manufacture it on a global scale.


Allen Field developed a tailor-made hanger: the Closed-hook Snap Hanger that allowed for simple assembly and ease in the display without the tired look of the traditional plastic bag. The custom hanger featured a closed hook for a unique look and hanging durability and offered end-user freedom to touch the product.


Allen Field’s global manufacturing capabilities enabled itself to win out over its competitors and deliver this customer’s products in the US and Asia. Ultimately, it was Allen Field’s ability to produce and distribute from within Asia that won the contract and through superb project management and exceptional customer service, all the client’s requirements were met with quality and assurance – on time, on budget. Successfully following its client’s needs worldwide, Allen Field continues to be called upon to supply its client’s multiple vendors globally.

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