Packaging Component Case Study:

Frustration-Free Component that Saves Assembly Time


caseImpressed by Allen Field’s reputation as an end-to-end solution provider, a well-known underwear company approached us to develop a hanger for their redesigned retail package. The client required the product to be (1) strong enough to hold multiple units of apparel, and (2) “frustration-free” to not impede access to the product.


To properly support the weight of the items, rather than designing a bulky hook in commodity plastic material, we designed a small, once-piece hook made from engineering-grade plastic. This enabled our solution to hold more but required less material. The Slide on Header Hook is inserted and snapped into place easily and can hold up to 5lbs securely. The new hook allows the apparel to be well organized for display while also adding that sleek and clean design to the whole retail packaging.

Additional Benefits:

Aside from providing a brilliant solution to what the company required from the product, the simple design of it has also helped with decreasing assembly time. Plus, the cost of it came in lower than expected. The company was very satisfied that it redesigned a variety of its retail packaging to incorporate the solution.

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