Packaging Component Case Study:

Use the Plastic Display Kit to Avoid Packaging Damages

Mower Blades Display KitChallenge:

Simple shrink wrap is commonly used to package lawn mower blades. Due to the weight and inherent sharpness of the blades, a large percentage of this packaging is torn, compromised, and ineffective. All too often blades are found partially exposed or completely outside of their packaging, posing a serious risk to unsuspecting consumers in retail stores.


A manufacturer specializing in mower blades reached out to Allen Field Co. seeking a two-pronged solution. First, the packaging needed to accommodate multiple blades, and secondly, the packaging had to hang securely while on display in retail stores. Allen Field’s engineering team designed a display kit comprised of a plastic cap and a pre-attached hanger. The cap is super sturdy and accommodates up to three blades. The hanger seamlessly integrates into the assembly process and delivers superior holding power in retail settings. An additional cap at the bottom of the display is highly recommended when extra security is desired.


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