Plastic Connecting Clip Adapter


Allen Field had introduced the Plastic Bucket Handle to the market. With great feedback from customers, this handle allows plastic pail and bucket manufactures to convert to all-plastic recycling in one easy, affordable step. Right after the introduction of the bucket handle, a customer of ours approached us with a custom request. This corrugated carton company wanted to use our bucket handles on its corrugated boxes. Our customer loved the industrial look and feel of the handle and thought it would be a great addition to his corrugated containers.


Coming to us for a resolution, we worked on a way to attach the Bucket Handle to cardboard. The remedy to this request came naturally for Allen Field, after looking back on our stock items. We currently manufacture connecting clips for corrugated boxes. By creating a new connecting clip that attached to the bucket handle, the handle would be able to work on a corrugated box. With this idea, came the new Plastic Adapter for the Bucket Handle that allows it to work with corrugated containers.


Now, using our all-plastic handle adapter, our sturdy bucket handle can be used in a wider variety of applications. The large, durable plastic handle completes the look for many mid-sized corrugated cases and portfolios. With the use of our adapter, the all-plastic bucket handle transforms into a professional handle for corrugated and plastic cases.

Industrialize the look of your packaging – plastic or corrugated – with our innovative Bucket Handle & Adapter set! Or take a look at our other manufactured parts case studies.

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