Is Pilferage at Retail Costing You Money?



Pilfering is defined as stealing things of little value. At retail it could be a piece of candy or small snack. But what about when pilferage of a component from a set renders it unsellable? The item itself may be an inexpensive part of a more valuable item. Unfortunately, theft costs US retailers over $50 billion per year. While product security has come a long way, clearly there is a long way to go. If you are challenged with solving this problem, Allen Field might be able to help. 


We’ve designed the Push Fit, a unique closure and fastener type components that impede access to the targeted products. Recently, we helped a tool company secure its product, a set of 4 items, to a header card with this fastener. The previous fastener could not be applied efficiently in production and was easy to open in the store. Thieves would simply unscrew the fastener, slip one item into their pocket, refasten, and rehang the package with only three products. Our solution virtually eliminated this problem and saved our client well into 6 figures. Additionally, our push fit fastener saved assembly labor and was cost neutral with the previous solution. 

Additional Benefits: 

Designed to securely hold a product on a retail header card, this versatile fastener can also be used in other fastener applications that need an aggressive connection. Its quick connect feature saves labor and makes it useful for in-store display assembly. Some customers have found it helpful in securing inner protective packaging. Unlike other ratchet down fasteners, the Push Fit can be unscrewed to separate, making discarding used packaging much easier. The current configuration secures cardboards up to .40” thick, a version is available to hold thicker cardboards upon your request.  

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