Packaging Component Case Study:

Providing Better Packaging Component & Global Product Management


Providing Better Packaging Component & Global Product ManagementImpressed by Allen Field’s strong management skills and reputation as an end-to-end manufacturing industry solution, a large sporting goods retailer came to Allen Field to design a specialized, high-quality sock hanger to enhance display performance and improve end-user experience.

Process & Solution:

Our packaging engineers developed and submitted multiple concepts and prototypes on spec so the client could make an informed decision about working with and trusting Allen Field, as well as experience the dedication that is put into each product created and the attention that is given to deadlines and budgets. Allen Field designed and developed the Euro Pack Hook that would enable the retailer to display socks free from the plastic bag. This allows end-users the freedom to look at and feel products easily. We have also broadened the sporting goods retailer’s business scope to an international level through our ability to manufacture the Euro Pack Hook not only in North America but in Asia as well.


Through an evaluation process that Allen Field conducted in order to get a complete understanding of its client’s satisfaction level, it became evident that the development of this new custom-made product met the retailer’s requirements in terms of end-user satisfaction, problem-solving needs, completing project ahead of schedule, competitive pricing, as well as global logistics management. The retailer even made a point of telling Allen Field that because of the success of the project, they are interested in developing their relationship with Allen Field and look forward to learning about other services it offers.

Allen Field Company is not only limited to providing simply brilliant packaging components, but also offering high-quality product management techniques and global reach to its clients, customers, and partners.

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